5th U.S division markers

Inventory of the 5th U.S. division markers, in France.



Components of the  5th U.S. division.
  • 1st Army
    • 3rd Army Corps
      • 5th division (Maj.Gal J.E. Mc Mahon, Maj. Gal H.E. ELY)
        • 9th Infantery Brigade (Brigadier General J.C. CASTNER)
          • 60th Infantry
          • 61st Infantry
          • 14th Machine Gun Battalion
        • 10th Infantry Brigade (Brig. Gal W.H. GORDON, Brig. Gal P.B. MALONE)
          • 6th Infantry
          • 11th Infantry
          • 15th Machine Gun Battalion
        • 5th Field Artillery Brigade (Brig General C.A.F. FLAGLER)
          • 19th Field Artillery
          • 20th Field Artillery
          • 21st Field Artillery
          • 5th Trench Mortar Battery
        • 7th Engineers
        • 13th Machine Gun Battalion
        • 9th Field Signal Battalion
        • 7th Engineers Train
        • 5th Supply Train
        • 5th Ammunition Train
        • 5th Sanitary Train
          • Field Hospitals 17, 25, 29 and 30
          • Ambulance Compagnies 17, 25, 29 and 30
History of the 5th division US

The fifth division was activated on December 11, 1917, at camp Logan, near Houston, Texas. The entire division was arrived in France by May 1st, 1918.

Monuments of the 5th division  in the area of Saint Mihiel.

1. Northern side of the road Thiaucourt-Régnieville, 200 meters north of Régnieville.
WGS : N 48° 54′ 37.6″ E 5° 55′ 41.3″

Notification : This monument marks the jumping-off trench of the 5th U.S Division in the St Mihiel Drive, September 12, 1918, Major General E. Mc Mahon, commanding.

2. At the eastern side of  Vieville-en-Haye, northern side of the road
WGS : N 48° 56′ 37.3″ E 5° 55′ 47.1″

Notification : Vieville-en-Haye, captured by the 5th U.S. Division in the St Mihiel Drive, September 12, 1918. On this date the front line of the 5th Division was established three kilometers north of this point.

3. At the eastern side of Limey, in direction of Montauville
WGS: N 48° 53′ 23.2″ E 5° 55′ 49.7″

Notification : This monument marks the spot where a brigade headquarters of the 5th U.S. Division was located at the beginning of the St Mihiel Drive, September 12, 1918

Monuments of the 5th division in the area of Frapelle

1. Inside, Frapelle, in front of the town hall.
WGS : N 48° 17′ 43.5″ E 7° 04′ 05.6″

Notification : Frapelle, captured by the 5th U.S. Division August 17, 1918, marks the first offensive operation of this division. This was the first offensive operation undertaken by the American troops on the Vosges front.

Monuments of the 5th division in the area of Meuse-Argonne

1. On the road from Cunel to Nantillois, at the point 10.0-84.6.
WGS: N 49° 19′ 47.4″ E 5°07′ 09.2″

Notification 1 : Left flank 9th Infantry Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, after relieving 80th Division and left Battalion 4th Division, October 11-12, 1918.
Notification 2 : Right flank jumping-off trench for 5th U.S. Division, October 14, 1918.

2. Inside the Meuse-Argonne Cemetery (marker destroyed) at the point 07.5-84.0
WGS : N 49° 20′ 01″ E 5° 05′ 19.5″

Notification 1 : This point marks the left (west) boundary of the 5th U.S. Division in the attack of October 14, 1918, Meuse-Argonne offensive. The National Cemetery is located on terrain wrested from enemy on that day by the 10th Infantry Brigade, 5th Division.
Notification 2 : Romagne lying outside of sector of 5th Division was passed by the 10th Infantry Brigade and outflanked on the east while elements of the 7th engineers, 5th Division, acting as infantry, entered the town from the south at 11 A.M., October 14, 1918, and assisted the advance of the neighboring division.

3.Next to the church of Cunel (marker destroyed) at the point 10.0-85.0
WGS : N 49° 20′ 09″ E 5° 06′ 55.6″

Notification 1 : Cunel captured October 14, 1918, by 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Brigade, 5th Division, Major General John E. Mc Mahon, Commanding
Notification 2 : Cunel, post of command, 5th Division, during forced crossing of Meuse, November 3-4, 1918, Meuse-Argonne offensive.

4. . Bantheville, bois des Rappes at the point 08.6-87.0.
WGS : N 49° 21′ 07.9″ E 5° 05′ 58.4″

Notification 1 : Major James D. Rivet, commanding 3rd Battalion, 61st Infantry, heroically sacrificed his life in attack on Bois des Rappes, October 15, 1918.
Notification 2 : Bois des Rappes captured by 11th Infantry, 10th Infantry Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, October 21, 1918, Meuse-Argonne offensive.

5. On the road from Brieulles to Dannevoux, along the river, at the point : 16.3-83.8.
WGS : N 49° 19′ 37.2″ E 5° 12′ 15.6″

Notification : Right flank of 10th Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, November 1, 1918; southern boundary Divisional sector before forced passage of Meuse.

6.In front of the Brieulles station
WGS : N 49° 20′ 08″ E 5° 11′ 11.5″

Notification 1 : Opposite of this point 6th U.S. Infantry, 10th Brigade, November 4, 1918, forced passage of Meuse and Canal, The first Allied troops to cross the Meuse in final phase of Meuse-Argonne offensive.
Notification 2 : Opposite of this point Company F, 7th Engineers, 5th U.S. Division, threw foot bridges across Meuse and Canal for assaulting infantry, November 3-4, 1918.
Notification 3 : Simultaneously with passage of assault battalions, Companies A and C, 7th engineers, threw a heavy ponton bridge across Meuse and Canal opposite this point. November 4-5, 1918.

7. On the road from Liny to Verdun at the point : 16.6-86.7
WGS : N 49° 20′ 10″ E 5° 13′ 48.3″

Notification : Daylight, November 5, 1918, found bridgehead over Meuse securely established by 6th Infantry, 10th Brigade, 5th U.S.Division, extending across this road and including the Bois of Chatillon

8. On the road from Dun to Verdun, on the top of Vilosnes, at the point 18.2-84.7.
WGS : N 49°20′ 08.8″ E 5° 13′ 47.5″

Notification : Detachement 6th Infantry, 10th Brigade, 5th US Division, on November 6, 1918, attacking enemy in flank and rear, forced his withdrawal from front of 15th Colonial Division, French, and permitted latter to cross Meuse and enter Vilosnes.

9. On the road from Cléry-le-Petit to Brieulles, at the point 14.7-88.3.
WGS : N 49° 21′ 55.4″ E 5° 10′ 50.2″

Notification 1 : Site of crossing of Meuse River and Canal by 9th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General J.C Castner, Commanding, November 4-5, 1918.
Notification 2 : Foot bridge across Meuse River and Canal for 9th Infantry Brigade. Built by Company D, 7th U.S. Engineers, 5th U.S. Division, November 4-5, 1918.
Clery-le-Petit captured by Companies A and H, 60th Infantry, 5th U.S. Division, November 2, 1918.

10. On the road from Dun-sur-Meuse to Verdun, before Liny-devant-Dun, at the point 15.5-88.2.
WGS : N 49° 21′ 48.4″ E 5° 11′ 33.4″

Notification 1 : Site of foot bridges over Meuse and Canal for foot troops, 9th Infantry Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, constructed by Company D, 7th U.S. Engineers, November 4-5, 1918.
Notification 2 : Cote 292 and northern slope Cote 260 captured by troops 9th Infantry Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, Lieut Col L.A. McClure, Commanding, November 5, 1918.

11. On the road from Villers-devant -Dun to Doulcon, at the point 10.7-90.6
WGS : N 49° 23′ 06.6″ E 5° 07′ 36.9″

Notification 1 : Turning point north to east, 5th U.S. Division in forced passage of Meuse, November 3, 1918.
Punchbowl, taken November 3, 1918, by 1st Battalion, 61st U.S. Infantry, Capt. M.E. Olmstead, Commanding.

12. At the fork  Doulcon-Dun-Sassey,  at the point 13.8-90.1.
WGS : N 49° 22′ 52.6″ E 5° 10′ 09.7″

Notification 1 : Doulcon captured November 3, 1918, by Company C, 61st U.S. Infantry, 5th U.S. Division.
Notification 2 : Reinforced ponton bridge over Meuse transporting artillery trains and supplies constructed by 7th U.S. Engineers and attached troops, November 5-6, 1918.

13. On the road from Sassey to Doulcon,  at the point 14.2-91.6.
WGS : N 49° 23′ 47.1″ E 5° 10′ 27.8″

Notification : Northern limit advance 5th U.S. Division before crossing Meuse, November 4-5, 1918.

14. In front of the gendarmerie of Dun-sur-Meuse, at the point 15.0-90.3.
WGS : N 49° 22′ 53.6″ E 5° 11′ 07.5″

Notification 1 : Dun-sur-Meuse captured November 5, 1918, by 2nd Battalion, 61st Infantry, 5th U.S. Division, Major A.N. Stark, Jr., Commanding
Notification 2 : Site of reinforced ponton bridge over Meuse for Artillery, Trains and supplies of 5th U.S. Division and 3rd U.S. Corps, constructed by 7th U.S. Engineers and attached troops, November 5-6, 1918.
Notification 3 : Compagnies of 14th Machine gun Battalion were attached to the Infantry Battalions of the 9th Brigade throughout the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

15. At the crossroad  Stenay-Dun-Milly, at the point 15.8-92.3.
WGS : N 49° 24′ 05.5″ E 5° 11′ 42″

Notification 1 : Outpost 61st Infantry, 5th U.S. Division, November 5-7, 1918.
Notification 2 : Milly-devant-Dun captured by 2nd Battalion, 61st Infantry, 5th U.S. Division, November 5, 1918.

16. On the top of Saint-Germain Hill
WGS : N 49° 24′ 36.8″ E 5° 15′ 09.5″

Notification 1 face au Sud : Murvaux, most advanced P.C. 5th U.S. Division, Major General Hanson E. Ely, Commanding. November 11, 1918
Notification 2, face to the North : Units of 5th (Red Diamond) Division :

 9th Infantry Brigade   61st Infantry Regiment
 10th Infantry Brigade  7th Engineers Regiment
 3rd Artillery Brigade. (attached Units)  9th Field Signal Battalion
 6th Infantry Regiment  77th Artillery Regiment
 11th Infantry Regiment 76th Artillery Regiment
 60th Infantry Regiment   13th Artillery Regiment

Notification 3, face to the West : Cote St. Germain captured by troops 9th U.S. Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General J.C.Castner, Commanding, November 6, 1918.

17. At the crossroad, in the northern side of Brandeville,  at the point 24.4-92.7.
WGS : N 49° 24′ 53.4″ E 5° 19′ 03.5″

Notification 1 : The P.C. of the 10th Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, was in Brandeville at time of armistice, November 11, 1918.
Notification 2 : Brandeville and surrounding heights captured by 11th Infantry, 10th Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, November 8, 1918.

18. In Mouzay, on the road from Mouzay to Dun-sur-Meuse, at the point 17.6-98.8.
WGS : N 49° 27′ 39.5″ E 5° 12′ 58.4″

Notification 1 : Mouzay captured by Companies L and M, 61st Infantry, 5th U.S. Division, November 9, 1918, Captain C.E. Martin, Commanding.
Notification 2 : 700 French women and children liberated by 5th U.S. Division, November 9, 1918.

19. At the southern side of Jametz, at the point 329.5-94.5.
WGS : N 49° 25′ 25.8″ E 5° 23′ 02.4″

Notification : Jametz captured by 10th Brigade, 5th Division, November 9, 1918, Brigadier General Paul B. Malone, Commanding. Marks furthest eastward advance of the Allied Armies in the Meuse-Argonne offensive.

20. At the northern side of Jametz, in direction of Remoiville, at the point 329.5-95.7.
WGS : N 49° 26′ 02″ E 5° 22′ 46″

Notification : This point marks outpost line 6th Infantry, Colonel H.J. Hunt, Commanding, 10th Infantry Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, at time the armistice was declared, 11 hours, November 11, 1918.
On the red diamond appears : “Major General H.E. Ely, Commanding.

21. At the crossroad on the top of Remoiville, at the point 328.2-96.7.
WGS : N 49° 26′ 44.6″ E 5° 21′ 53″

Notification : Remoiville and Louppy captured by 11th Infantry, Colonel R.H. Peck, Commanding, 10th Brigade , 5th U.S. Division, November 9, 1918, marking the most advanced line of the American Army at the time of the armistice, 11 hours, November 11, 1918.

22. On the road from Louppy to Juvigny, next to the Hugne farm, at the point 26.4-97.6.
WGS : N 49° 27′ 04.5″ E 5° 20′ 21.1″

Notification : Farthest advance 60th Infantry, Colonel F.B. Hawkins, Commanding, at time of armistice, November 11, 1918, 5th U.S. Division.

23. On the road from Baalon to Louppy, on the top of Juvigny, at the point 325.8-98.2.
WGS : N 49° 27′ 23.1″ E 5° 19′ 46.5″

Notification : Farthest advance 9th Infantry Brigade, 5th U.S. Division, November11, 1918, Brigadier General J.C. Castner, Commanding.

24. On the road from Baalon to Louppy, on the top of Han, at the point 23.8-99.7.
WGS : N 49° 28′ 11.8″ E 5° 18′ 16.8″

Notification : Farthest advance 61st Infantry, 5th U.S. Division, Novembre 11, 1918, Colonel P.B. Peyton, Commanding.

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  1. bonjour, suite a des travaux chez moi, dans les Ardennes ,j ai retrouvé une plaque militaire ronde en alluminium avec ces inscriptions Leo J Smith,pvt com inf usa, derriere , 2386891 je pense qu il fait parti du company D 61 ST INFANTRY pouvez vous en savoir davantage merci . je peux vous envoyer des photos

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    Is the jumping off place for WWI also the place the division passed by in WWII?

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  3. Bonjour Mr. Cesarini,

    Je viens de découvrir votre site qui est vraiment très interessant, en cherchant des informations sur le 5eme U.S. division. Je travaille actuellement sur la biographie du Premier Lieutenant Willoughby Ryan Marks. J’ai été surprise de voir sur votre site qu’une stelle existe à l’endroit ou il est tombé. Avez-vous les coordonnées GPS exact de cet endroit?
    Aussi, vous mentionnez qu’il est tombé le 12 Octobre 1918. Sur sa carte d’enregistrement militaire Americaine, il est noté le 14 Octobre. Quels sont les sources que vous avez utilisé? Avez-vous plus d’autres information sur lui?
    Si vous voulez, vous pouvez me répondre directement sur mon adresse mail.

    1. Bonjour,

      Je vous envoie les coordonnées de la stèle par mail séparé.
      Je n’ai fait aucune recherche sur les lieutenants notés sur la stèle. J’ai récupéré la date du 12 octobre sur la stèle elle-même, elle correspond à celle inscrite sur le monument d’Apalachicola en Floride. Je n’ai pas vérifié si elle était correcte. On trouve la date du 14 octobre sur un autre document. Je n’ai malheureusement rien sur ce lieutenant.

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